søndag den 15. december 2013


Hello guys and girls, and welcome back!

Already Sunday... Hope you had a great weekend, i had for sure. Been drinking with my gf all weekend and some crazy shit happend, not for you to know tho ;)
I have one story for you, and that's how i got home with the wrong bicycle. We was basiaclly heading to town (shitfaced), and decided to stop by Mcdonalds, i ofc placed my bike outside (unlocked). So we went in and got some food, and decided to head for the clubs. When i got out some douche was onn my bike and ready to get away, and i went over that to tell him. The next thing i know i got a fist placed in my head from one of his freinds, and i get dizzy as fuck. But i get up and look after them running away, so i ran after them, for 10 meters then realising that i would get beat up anyways. So i turned around, grapped what i thought was my bike, and rode it home since i was bleeding from my nose at this point (the guy hit really well), and my gf didn't want me to go to the club like this. The next morning, i get out and see the bike, and realise it's not even mine. I seriusly stopped some guys from stealing a bike, just so i could steal it myself without even knowing. Damn what an idiot!

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