torsdag den 12. december 2013

Just a regular Thursday!

Hey guys.. And girls ofc!!
Welcome to the first real post of my blog and no fucked up thoughts right now. Just a discussion about the topic "Justin Bieber in fnf 7".
Personally i would seriusly hate it. Fuck no, there is no way Justin Bieber is going to get star role in this movie, no fucking way! Sure girls love him, and thinks he is a great sing, what ever i don't give a damn. But don't let him ruin this movie, it's just wrong. Tbh they shound't give anyone the role, Paul Walker just can't be replaced and that is a true fucking story. He was legendary and to replace him with some other douche is wrong, i think it's just time to end an epic era after fnf 7. Some may ask, how would they make and fnf 7 if Paul is not in it.
They should defenetly just try and get an old scene, or new if they have one, of them driving and chrashing, and just do an enourmous plot twist out of that. It would be an awesome movie, and just an amazing way to end a beutiful era of fantastic movies!
Well that's just my thoughts, thanks for reading guys!

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